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A non-invasive, non-destructive way of evaluating conditions below what's visible on the surface.

Grab the handle and pull it over the image to compare digital and thermal images of the same spot. Darker, bluer areas indicate the accumulation of moisture, while lighter orange and yellow are dry.

Blue image area is roof leaking into the ceiling.

Everything from leaky homes, faulty wiring and mould from wet insulation affects the surrounding temperature; heat-sensitive photography can reveal these and other issues that just cannot be seen by the naked eye or with conventional or digital photography. Any indication of a moisture problem can be checked with our electronic non invasive moisture meter to pinpoint the problem.

Purple image area to lower wall and floor is leaking from shower.

Purple image area is a leaking toilet pipe.

By providing thermal imaging reports we can document a hidden fault for corrective action or to prioritize repairs. For an energy audit we can show exactly where cold air is entering the home or heat is being lost along with energy dollars. With the ever-increasing costs of heating, the return on investing in an energy audit and subsequent repairs becomes more and more compelling. Save money on your home and contact us today to improve your home's energy efficiency.

Many homeowners today request thermographic inspection services as part of the overall home inspection program. Thermal photography lets us deliver a more thorough and in-depth report, and can show us what lies beneath the surface and hidden from view.

Thermal Imaging is a useful tool.


  • Non invasive

  • Quick problem identification

  • Quick energy efficiency determination

  • Avoid any plant shutdown

  • Detailed reports available

  • No production time lost

  • Can save considerable money by early identification